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Locally, ALASOL International Company is characterized by its rapid growth as a foodstuffs distribution company in Iraq; it has more than 300 highly skilled employees in management science, marketing, accounting and sales providing better services for Iraqi points of sale and consumer. 

Organizational Chart

ALASOL International Company was keen to make the quality of its top concerns through the implementation of a strict health strategy, therefore it worked on choosing products carefully from major international companies that pay the subject of control and measurement of product's quality standards a great importance.

  • We adhere to achieve highest degree of diversification in food products for the purpose of fulfilling different tastes and also our company continuously seeks to strengthen the sense of satisfaction and confidence about the product with consumers.
  • We work to develop performance and quality in the field of the distributing and marketing foodstuffs continuously through an integrated marketing team specialized and trained and spread throughout the Republic of Iraq, which uses a large fleet of modern vehicles, refrigerated for the transfer and storage of food products.
  • Our company stores products in our own and numerous warehouses in the required temperatures and with extreme precision according to food safety conditions, where we own an area more than 50 thousand square meter includes warehouses of dry materials and warehouses of materials that need to be refrigerated as well as warehouses for materials that need Freezers.
  • Finally, our company constantly seeks to enhance the trust and transparency with the consumer where we shall distribute adequate quantities of the product on all company's personnel to taste and consume the product in their houses prior to launching and marketing the product in the markets.


  • General Manager
    • Secretary
    • Audit & Quality Dept.
    • Financial
      • Data Entry
      • Obtaining Debts
        • Individual
        • Wholesale
      • Company Accounts
        • Banks
        • Balance
    • Marketing
      • Marketing Opportunities to Create New Clients
      • Ads
      • Marketing Rip.
    • Logistics
      • Maintenance
      • Inward Transport & Storage
      • Outward Transport & Storage
    • IT Dept.
      • Customer Services
    • Procurement Dept.
      • Importing Services
      • Quality Test & Reg.
      • Outside Procurement
      • Local Procurement
    • Sales Dept.
      • Technical Support
      • Wholesale sales
        • 25 Supervisors
          • 250 Wholesale sales Rep.
      • Individual sales
        • 25 Supervisors
          • 250 Individual sales Rep.
    • Follow Up Dept.
      • Internal Follow Up
      • With Suppliers
    • HR Dept.
      • Admin
      • Training
      • Careers