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Our History

ALASOL International Company for General Trade, Commercial Agencies & Food Products It is one of the biggest food products distribution companies in Iraq where t dedicated itself to distribute the best food products of high quality specifications that obtained global health certificates.

ALASOL is a source that can be relied on, because we are authorized distributors of many high qualities of food commodities inside Iraq and can be relied on because it distributed foodstuffs of immense popularity in Iraq to reach all cities of Iraq. Or clients list include various fast food outlets, department stores and educational institutions such as schools, colleges and universities and senrices oflices and companies in addition to vendors and groceries.

The foodstuffs we distributed characterized by genuine foundations to serve clients, where the products we distribute characterized:

  • By being manufactured of the best types of vegetables and fruits that are non- genetically modified organism.
  • By reaching the client in its best condition in a timely manner
  • By being manufactured in plants which its production lines are subject to the highest degree of health precautions and high hygiene and with world-class specifications and holds a US health certificate and even it's been exported to the United States.
  • ince its establishment, ALASOL International Company adopted these foundations and took it upon itself to publish and distribute certified and famous brands in Iraq, be it a supermarket or large grocery store or restaurant that wishes to strengthen its relations with its client, we always welcome you and your contacts to deliver the quantities that you wish in the right time and date.

ALASOL brands are characterized by attracting cIient's eyes and their eyes are always search for such brands on the shelves whether those clients were young or old.

And ALASOL Group has taken a decisive decision to enter into the field of food and beverages distribution, and accordingly ALASOL Company for food and beverage has been established, in accordance with a long-term strategy plan for the marketing and supporting of Trade Names.

And of company's aims obtain the distribution rights inside Iraq for products of international trade names, as well as working to increase trade opportunities for export to Gulf countries.