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AL-QAREEN Company for Money Exchange

AL-QAREEN Company for Money Exchange to mediate the sale and purchase of foreign currencies was established pursuant to the decision of the Companies Registrar numbered (10738-20) on 9/6/2013 and Work License has been granted from the Central Bank under license numbered 1463 on 9/7/2014.

The company has exercised its functions after a short period from the date of Central Bank granting Work license, the company carried out banking business through the dedicated Hnancial and economic experience by the founders of this company.

The trade openness and the change occurred in the Iraqi market as a result of the expansion in the economic sphere after 2003 in Iraq has taken into account. The company owns a significant stock of experience and multi relationships and good reputation inside and outside Iraq through our network of ofHces in Iraq, and a vision with innovative renewable ideas, and this is what really distinguishes the founders of this company.

The company depended on the absolute and sober confidence of its founders in terms of the free commercial shopping inside Iraq where it facilitates the performance of its business with confidence and respect with clients, and it provides a solid work base that enables the company to expand it plans with confidence and safety.

As well as company's reliance on qualified staff, therefore the company entered the market where its name shined in a short period of time and it became a distinguished company that introduced new ideas on wire transfer service.

It contributed in the development of the profession and transfers it to an advance level, the thing that made the company gain the trust of the international financial institutions in the country as well as the trust of customers.