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JANAT AL-BILAD Company for General Contracting, Trade and Public Transport It is considered one of the most important general contracting companies in Iraq and the company uses the latest systems and resources in projects managements and has obtained International Quality Certification. And the company has performed many projects such as shopping malls, trade buildings, residential buildings, government buildings, multistory parking lots and public service buildings.

As well as the use of internal planning procedures and how to utilize resources and audit systems of the company which enables it to execute and deliver all its projects within the period specified and in an effective and economic manner.

And the company works in various activities of general contracting, trade and commercial agencies and the company can successfully and confidently complete many strategic construction projects in Iraq through high-end technical administration and work according to international standard specifications to reach the full achievement according to the technical specifications, JANAT AL-BILAD Company has adopted an ambition program aims to transfer its businesses according to the generally accepted commercial bases where the firm has developed a clear strategies concerned with the its internal restructuring, the rehabilitation and development of its staff, the revision and improvement of its internal procedures and study the needs and requirements of its clients with the need to continue to carry out the firm's duties and its responsibilities towards its clients in the previous and current projects.

As for in the field of transport, it works to keep pace with constant development, and keep abreast with modern technology which enabled the company's client to take advantage of appropriate solution for shipping that suit his most accurate requirements and comply with his more precise conditions to provide the maximum possible for customers of services and facilities.

And it characterized by its certain diligence to ensuring the safety of the goods shipped and take care of it during the trading and to secure ongoing information thereto during the shipping process in addition to shorten the time in an optimal way during all stages of shipping, and cooperation and agreement with the client for optimal and complete supply and export program of his goods and abide by it.

It is now a partner with the Iraqi Ministry of Transport as a government partner to transport all goods and imports of the Iraqi Government and of its works the transport of all the Ministry of Trade's foodstuffs.