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SADA AL-FALAH for Oil Services

SADA AL-FALAH Company for Oil Services It is a private limited liability company specialized in oil and gas projects and in the field of oil industry, and after its incorporation and with the will of the administrative and technical staff of our company, this company managed to ally and enter into a cooperative and business partnerships with many international companies & factories specialized in the field of oil and gas industry..

And the administrative and technical staff consistently expands the company's activities so it shall best represent the contribution of the private sector in supporting the policy of the Iraqi Ministry of Oil and its subsidiaries in its pursuit to develop the oil and gas fields and develop the oil industry in Iraq.

And the company owns financial capabilities necessary to implement many projects at the same time assisted in this pursuit by its administrative and technical staff in addition to accommodating Iraqi specialized staff of extensive and large experience in the field of oil and gas, the company also developed its international relations with major international companies and entered in the field of investment and participation with global factories that have its weight in the oil industry, whereas our company adapted itself and strengthened its financial and technical potential to implement works in the oil and gas industry, relying on its extensive relations with international companies and benefiting from the expertise of these companies and their highly level specialized staff.