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SADA AL-FALAH for Printing

SADA AL-FALAH Company for Printing, Packaging, Advertising and Publishing. The company works in two main sectors and they are the printing sector and packaging, advertising and publishing sector, where the company is considered one of the largest printing houses in Iraq for what its characterized of its offering a wide range of integrated printing services enhanced by high productivity energies, and through the multiplicity of its branches and the integration of its subsidiaries, and the company depends in its business on the accumulated experiences of its employees and on the best and latest machines, and the highest levels of its quality control, which enhances its place with a strong client base.

And to confirm company's obligation to company with the global standards, the company was keen to maintain ISO certification.

The company provides many products and various services, where it prints a number of daily newspapers, commercial printing of all types as well as printing school books.

And in the packaging sector, the company produces many of packaging materials as well as plastic ones in various types such as flexible packaging, plastic packaging as well as plastic products, and packaging in various languages and manners comparable to international standards.

It is a leading company in providing publicity and advertising services characterized by providing everything creative, innovative and of high quality in all areas of publicity and advertising such as designing and manufacturing billboards, shops boards, internal and external boards Designing and innovating commercial trademarks, providing company's promotional and advertising ideas and gifts, organizing fares and conferences, professional photography services, designing and developing websites, electronic shopping and social media.

And sciences and knowledge in various disciplines experience a tremendous cognitive revolution, making keeping pace with the wheels of knowledge a significant challenge.

From this perspective the subject of the importance of training highlights as one of the main pillars aimed to raise the level of individuals and organizations which contribute to the achievement of excellence and quality in performance in light of these changes.

And it is a partner with Baghdad Governorate in building the biggest printing house in Iraq for printing all state publications and shall run by the company and shall print students curriculums for the Ministry of Education, and of its important clients (Communication Companies including Zain Iraq Company).